Laxmi Enterprises

Versatile Packing Solutions

Our versatile packing solutions are well known for a high level of flexibility, efficiency and extraordinary gentle product handling. All are key factors when designing Newtec machines and the stainless-steel construction and excellent mechanical design, make them extremely durable.

Newtec is synonymous with quality and our machines are built to last - using only the best materials and latest technologies within software, automation and mechanical engineering.

Regardless of product or packaging, portion size and capacity, we have your upgradeable solution.

Through close cooperation, we provide you with a solution aligned with current trends and demands within the food industry that will help you improve your competitiveness.

The following configurations are primarily for:

  • Excellence through collaboration:
  • Understanding your business and the challenges you face enables us to deliver solutions that make an impactful difference.
  • In close cooperation with you, we enjoy and take pride in tailoring, constructing and installing your perfect solution.
  • Whenever you approach us with a challenge, you can be certain that a team of dedicated experts, with impressive know-how and long-term experience in challenging weighing and packaging projects, will go the extra mile to meet your needs on schedule.
  • We look forward to weigh and pack your products and contribute to optimising your production.

More packing options:

In cooperation with our solution partners we also offer packing machines for the following packaging types:

  • HFFS film
  • VFFS film
  • Thermoform
  • Sealed trays
  • Flow wraps
  • Various bags
  • Nets.