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Weighing machines

Popular weighing solutions

  • Regardless of product or packaging, portion size and capacity, we have your upgradeable solution.
  • Newtec provides the highest quality assurance in the industry and is servicing a broad range of customers from small family packing houses to the largest industrial factories in the world.
  • We offer weighing machines for:
  • fresh and processed food
    washed and unwashed crops
    fragile and less fragile crops
    product sizes from grains to grapefruits
    and within portion sizes from 170 g up to 25 kg
  • We meet the needs of the smallest and largest packing houses with our weighing machines with 4-9 weigh heads and 14-15 weigh heads, running up to 120 packs/min.

  • Your advantages
  • Accurate and gentle handling at high speeds.
  • Low cost per portion.
  • Optimum running, also when the products are fed irregularly into the weigher.
  • Easy access for cleaning and service.
  • User-friendly touch panel.
  • Contact
  • Please contact your local representative for more information.
  • Our multihead weighing machines have been approved according to the European Measurement Instruments Directive (MID) and OIML R61.

Weighing machines for fresh and processed food:

Multihead Weigher
Mini Weigher

Weighing machine for extremely large products


Setting international standards

  • Our machines are well known for a very high level of accuracy, efficiency and extraordinary gentle handling of products. All are key factors when designing Newtec machines and the stainless steel construction and excellent mechanical design-make them extremely durable.
  • Let us be a key partner in optimising your production.