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About Batch Coding Machine Manufacturers|Suppliers|Dealers in India

Batch coding machines are used in industries like manufacturing and logistics. They are a type of computerized machine that can carry out large-scale operations and tasks.

These machines automate the process of creating, assembling, or producing items by carrying out repetitive tasks. This is done through a series of instructions that are written into the machine by a human operator who has learned how to operate it.

The operator writes these instructions on a computer monitor using a keyboard and mouse and then presses start button to begin the process. The instructions are then transferred to the machine which carries them out automatically.

Batch coding Machine is a machine that helps in the process of batch coding. This machine is used by many industries such as manufacturing, logistics, transportation and warehousing.

Functioning of the Batch Coding Machine Manufacturers|Suppliers|Dealers in India

Batch coding Machine performs the following functions:

  • Scans the bar codes on products
  • Reads the serial number on each product
  • Computes the quantity of products in a single batch
  • Creates a list of items to be packed into boxes or pallets
Batch Coding Machine Manufacturers|Suppliers|Dealers in India

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Special Features
  • Ideal for printing statutory markings / coding on plastic / paper pouches, duplex boards / duplex cartons, labels etc.
  • Higher production speeds
  • pouches/labels can be fed in batches
  • Uses hot melt ink
  • No ink spillage
  • No over inking
  • Lower coding costs, easy to compose messages
  • Equipped with print counter/ present counter
  • Photo electric sensor for position adjustment
  • Print wheel adjustable

batch coding machine
batch coding machine

Model DI 380 DI 380W
Power 240 V / 180 W 240 V / 180 W
Print Speed Upto 200 pcs/min Upto 200 pcs/min
Print Area 5 lines / 10 character 5 lines / 10 character
Object size 50~500 mm (L)X 15~195 mm (B) 50~500 mm (L)X 15~320 mm (B)
Type size 2 mm & 3 mm 2 mm & 3 mm
Ink Roller size 35 mm X 32 mm 35 mm X 32 mm
Machine Size 440 X 345 X 260 mm 400 X 470 X 260 mm
Weight 23 kgs 24 kgs