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Original-C Automatic Clipping Machine (VAC 928.1)

Special Features

“Original-C“ automatic clipping machine to close and separate machine-usable nets fully automatically Fully-automatic net packing machine for fruits and vegetables like potatoes, onions, citrus fruit and other solid products in nets.

Download Leaflet VAC 928.1

Supplementary Equipment:
  • Program storage
  • Label transporting units
  • Units for printing onto and transporting label tapes and/or punched labels
  • Thermo-barcode printers
  • Intermittent discharge conveyor

Diaphragm Valve
Diaphragm Valve
Diaphragm Valve

Technical Data
  • Performance: max. 45 packages/min, depending on product
  • Power supply: 230/400 Volt N/PE, 50 Hz, approx. 1.0 kW (other connections on request)
  • Machine weight: approx. 650 kg.
  • Package weights: 0.5 – 5,0 kg (depending on size of product)
  • Length of label tape and punched labels: 120 – 160 mm

  • Clipping strip:

  • Thickness: approx. 0.35 – 0.45 mm
  • Width : 5.0 mm
  • Clip length: approx. 20 mm
  • Outer net tube diameter: 260 mm (others on request)
  • Infeed height: 1540 mm
Standard Equipment
  • Pivotable 6 mm clipping head
  • Automatic net tube change for continuous operation
  • Net draw-off with net infeed slide and teleskop tube system length of net drawn off infinitely adjustable
  • Telescop tube for very sticky goods
  • Microprocessor control with twolined clear text display
  • Net charging cone, net tube stand to allow a quick net tube exchange