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Weighing Machine |Manufacturers|Suppliers|Dealers in India

Weighing Machine |Manufacturers|Suppliers|Dealers in India

Get the best Weighing Machine from Laxmi Enterprises. We are the best Weighing Machine manufacturers, suppliers and dealers in India. Our Weighing Machines are highly quality oriented. Laxmi Enterprises has been recognized as the leading company for Weighing Machines in India/manufacturers/suppliers/ dealers of Weighing Machines in India. It has a wide range of products catering to different needs and budgets. They are well known for their quality products that are manufactured using high-quality materials, with latest technology and modern design.

About Our Weighing Machine |Manufacturers|Suppliers|Dealers in India

It was established in the year 2015 and has been manufacturing weighing machines for different industries since then. The Weighing Machines manufacturers in India also offers services like installation of scales, repair and maintenance of scales and installation of weighing machines.

The Weighing Machines manufacturers, suppliers, Dealers in India we have been providing quality products to their customers since more than 5 years with an excellent team committed to excellence. We Weighing Machines manufacturers in India have vision to make India self-sufficient in terms of production of weighing machines which are used extensively across industries such as textile, sugar, cement and steel industries.

In the past, weighing machines were large and heavy, but nowadays they have developed into smaller and more compact devices that can be easily transported from one location to another. They were originally used as an alternative to scales because they were more accurate and didn't take up space.

What Are Weighing Machines?|Manufacturers|Suppliers|Dealers in India

Weighing machines are devices that use a scale to measure the weight of objects. They are used in many industries and are widely available. The main function of a weighing machine is to measure the weight of an object. It does this by using a spring scale or load cell to measure the force that is applied on the object, which in turn gives it information about the mass of that object.

Weighing machines are mainly used in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, and manufacturing industry. They can also be used in healthcare settings as they provide a more accurate measurement of weight than scales that rely on gravity alone.

Benefits of Using the Products Provided By Our Company

Weighing machines manufacturers, suppliers, Dealers in India are the perfect solution for people who want to measure the weight of their food in a fast and accurate way. They are also used by those who want to monitor their weight loss progress.

They are usually equipped with a digital display and an automatic scale, which allows for easy weighing of products. They also typically have a set of features that allow for the weighing of different parts of the same product or multiple products at once, which makes it easier to manage inventory and stock levels.

Here is a list of some features that make weighing machines so popular:

  • They are easy to use and are available in many sizes and shapes.
  • They can be used anywhere, whether in your home or office.
  • They can be used with any type of food item, including vegetables, fruits, grains and more.
  • The accuracy rate is high so you always know what you’re eating and how much you’ve eaten.

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Popular Weighing Solutions

Regardless of product or packaging, portion size and capacity, we have your upgradeable solution.

Newtec provides the highest quality assurance in the industry and is servicing a broad range of customers from small family packing houses to the largest industrial factories in the world.

We offer Weighing Machines for:
  • Fresh and processed food
  • Washed and unwashed crops
  • Fragile and less fragile crops
  • Product sizes from grains to grapefruits
  • Within portion sizes from 170 g up to 25 kg

We meet the needs of the smallest and largest packing houses with our weighing machines with 4-9 weigh heads and 14-15 weigh heads, running up to 120 packs/min.

  • Accurate and gentle handling at high speeds.
  • Low cost per portion.
  • Optimum running, also when the products are fed irregularly into the weigher.
  • Easy access for cleaning and service.
  • User-friendly touch panel.

Please contact your local representative for more information.

Our multihead weighing machines have been approved according to the European Measurement Instruments Directive (MID) and OIML R61.

Weighing machines for fresh and processed food:

Multihead Weigher
Mini Weigher

Weighing machine for extremely large products


Setting international standards

  • Our machines are well known for a very high level of accuracy, efficiency and extraordinary gentle handling of products. All are key factors when designing Newtec machines and the stainless steel construction and excellent mechanical design-make them extremely durable.
  • Let us be a key partner in optimising your production.