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Laxmi Enterprises is one of the leading company in India that Optical Sorting Machines manufactures, supplies, dealers in India Optical Sorting Machines. They offer a huge variety of several variants of products to suit different needs of the market.

The optical sorting machine manufacturers, suppliers, dealers in India Company have made optical sorting machines that are easy to use and provide quick results. This helps them in winning the trust of their customers. They offer a wide range of products that can be customized according to the needs of the customer.

We optical sorting machine manufacturers, suppliers, dealers in India offer a wide range of products to suit different needs, including standard quality products as well as customized ones based on customer requirements.

Our optical sorting machine dealers in India Company give products which are known for their high quality and standard performance. They have also been able to establish themselves as one of the leading companies in their field.

Introduction : Optical Sorting Machines

Optical Sorting Machines are used to sort and classify products in a warehouse. They are used to speed up the process of picking, packing, and shipping.

These Sorting Machines are devices that sort items by size, shape, or colour. They are used in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, health care, and retail. These machines can be automated to make them more efficient and effective in their work.

The most common type of Optical Sorting Machine is the conveyor belt based machine. The sorting process is done on the belt. This machine has a series of light beams that are projected onto the material being sorted by using mirrors or lenses at each end of the belt.

Properties and Its Uses

Optical sorting machines are the future of warehouse management. They allow companies to automate processes and reduce labour costs by up to 70%. The use cases for optical sorting machines range from picking, packing, and shipping products in a warehouse to finding where inventory is located in the store.

They are used to sort different items by their sizes. The size of the items is determined by the wavelengths of light they reflect. This process is used in production lines where it helps to find and separate items quickly and easily.

The optical sorting machines require the minimal human intervention and are able to sort through large amounts of products quickly and efficiently.

Why are they preferred?

  • Optical sorting machines are able to sort through large amounts of material at a rapid pace and can be used in many different industries. They have been used in the medical, textile, food, automotive, electronics and packaging industries among others.
  • These machines are also environmentally friendly because they can recycle old products and reduce waste that would otherwise be thrown away in landfills.
  • It is also used by stores to sort out clothing based on size or colour so they can be sold in the right bin.
  • These machines have many benefits for producers, consumers, and the environment. This machine saves time and money because it doesn't require human labour to operate it.
The most powerful optical sorting machine for potatoes and carrots on the market

Newtec manufactures optical sorting machines for the type of potato that will work in your market and live up to your quality standards and pre-set classifications.

For more than twenty years, Newtec has developed and produced optical sorting machines for potatoes and carrots. Our Celox optical sorting machines are unique and world-leading machines in terms of technology and performance.

Our Celox contains patented technology and is the only machine on the market which can simultaneously grade products in both size, shape and quality - and then deliver the products in up to 14 different categories.

Products can thereby be split in the most suitable way to match orders and optimise earnings. Sorting of special product selections for trays, campaigns or customers are also possible.

We look forward to optimising the value of each of your potatoes and/or carrots by sorting them in the most profitable way.

Your Advantages
  • Quality, size and shape sorting in one machine.
  • Accurate selection of high-value products.
  • Gentle product handling.
  • Reduced labour costs.
  • Consistent quality output for raw product optimisation.
  • WebServices enabled for capturing of complete product information and remote servicing.

Learn more about our optical sorting machines below

optical Sorting Machine
Celox-P-UHD for potatoes
Read More About:
  • Intelligent software
  • Newtec in control
  • Secure remote access in real-time
  • Complete overview of settings
  • Accurate control of sizes
  • Production line integration
optical Sorting Machine
Celox C-UHD for carrots
Research and development

We work in close cooperation with national and international researchers, scientists, universities and PhD students to identify new developments and insights that have the potential to transform the whole industry tomorrow.

Newtec is an active partner in the Open Science network.

Intelligent software:

Our software is adapted to the crop type that the machine is made for. The Celox machines use intelligent software which can be configured to detect specific defects on different surfaces. This means, for instance, that our Celox-P-UHD can sort almost any potato variety, taking into consideration that products tend to change during the season.

Consequently, the Celox machines bring high value to our customers not only by reducing labor cost, but because they optimise the value of every single potato or carrot by sorting them in the most profitable way, - all while handling the crop very gently.

Newtec software:
  • Intuitive interface for configuring products by quality, size and shape.
  • Web-based user interface for convenient accessibility.
  • PLC connectivity for line integration.
  • optical Sorting Machine

  • Newtec in control:
  • The Celox machines are entirely in-house developed. Newtec has a highly qualified staff that continuously develops and improves the software and the mechanical parts of the optical sorting machines..
  • Today, the Ultra High-Definition cameras used in the machines are developed and manufactured by our subsidiary Qtechnology.
  • This means that Newtec controls the entire process and that all service and support is backed up directly from Newtec.
  • Secure remote access in real-time:
  • The Celox optical sorting machine is at the very heart of your production pipeline and consequently must be able to offer your supervisor access to all functions of the optical sorting machine, full information and process monitoring at all times. The machine can be operated directly by the intelligent, yet user-friendly touchscreen interface. In addition, it can also be remotely operated from a web-browser. The machine can thus be remote-controlled from a desktop or laptop PC, tablet PC or smartphone. In-house remote control of the machines is possible simply by connecting the machines to the Local Area Network (LAN), and any number of Celox machines may be controlled from the same browser. Worldwide on-line remote control is supported through secure connections provided by Newtec WebServices.
  • Newtec's solution offers several key advantages:
  • Several machines can be accessed, monitored and even controlled from a single PC from inside a central factory office..
  • It's easy: To access the machine's user interface, simply load a browser and enter the local ip-address of the Celox optical sorting machine in the browser's address bar.
  • All settings and statistics that are available to the machine's daily operator are also accessible to remote operators in real-time..
  • Access is usually restricted to machines on the same Local Area Network (LAN). However, if network access is provided through Virtual Private Network (VPN) or through Newtec WebServices, the graphical user-interface can even be accessed through the Internet. This allows easy monitoring of machines on disparate geographical locations.
  • Remote support is possible through WebServices. If the operator has a question regarding a specific setting, Newtec's trained service staff will - with your permission - log in to your Celox optical sorting machine, view the machine's settings and offer advice. With your permission, we can even modify and optimise the configuration of your machine.
  • For safety reasons, all functions that involve starting and stopping mechanical parts are disabled on remote access points.

  • Complete overview of settings:
  • The user interface provides a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand overview of machine speed, product classes and their allocations to outlets. It also shows the amount of products going to each class, allowing the operator to quickly assess if each class receives sufficient products or if sorting settings need optimisation. In addition, essential criteria for size-sorting are visible and accessible at a glance..

  • Accurate control of sizes:
  • Criteria for size-sorting can be entered with 1 mm precision which permits configuration of very narrowly defined rules for product length, diameter, etc. Criteria can be specified individually for each class, permitting special-selection classes..
  • Production line integration:
  • The Celox machine also supports seamless production line integration through industry-standard communications interfaces such as Modbus-TCP and Open Platform Communications (OPC). These interfaces are widely supported by the modern industrial PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) which are today integrated in most production lines. This allows automation of routine tasks such as configuring sorting parameters for quality, size and shape sorting..