Laxmi Enterprises

Continuous Sealers

Special Features
  • To seal different types of pre filled flexible bagscontinuously, Applications in various industries like food processing,chemicals engineering
  • Adjustable temperature / microcontroller models suitable for awide spectrum of materialsVariable speed conveyor
  • Vertical / Horizontal mountable Models
  • H-Horizontal model
  • HV-Convertible into horizontal or vertical
  • V- Vertical model
  • CS- Continuous sealer (suitable for laminates)
  • CSi- Intelligent micro-controller based sealer (suitable for wide spectrum of materials)

Model Sealing Weight (mm) Max. Load Power Speed (M/Min)
CS 3 H/HV 12 3Kg 240V 0-12
CSi 3 HP/HVP 12 3Kg 240V 0-12
CSi I5HVP 3 H/HV 12 15Kg 240V 0-10
CSi30V 3 H/HV 12 30Kg 240V 0-10
CS 75V 12 75Kg 240V 0-10